A Spot To Stroll In Tsunoshima And Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture

A Spot To Stroll In Tsunoshima And Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Green trees in the mountains that begin to create and the blue of the sparkling sea are seeing pre-summer. To welcome the view, this time we will take a walk by means of vehicle crossing the Kanmon Strait and by the sea. We will in like manner visit a couple of instagramable spots, for instance, Tsunoshima Island and Motonosumi Jinja Shrine. The dolphins are moreover keeping things under control for our appearance in a massive aquarium!

“Tsunoshima Bridge”

Tsunoshima Bridge which relates between Honshu Island and Tsunoshima Island is furthermore often appeared in movies and TV plugs. The augmentation has an outright length of 1780 meters. The sea that stretches on the benefit and left of the expansion makes us need to walk around the sea level. The shade of the sea that changes concealing after some time from emerald green to diminish blue looks brilliant.

Tsunoshima Bridge
Tsunoshima Bridge

Tsunoshima Bridge

Address: Yamaguchi, City of Shimonoseki, Hohoku-cho, Kanda – Tsunoshima

Phone: + 81-83-786-0234 (Yamaguchi Prefectural Tourism Federation)

Opening occasions: All day

Attestation Ticket: Free

“Kaikyo Yume Tower”

From the observation room “Kaikyo Yume Tower” which is at 143m stature, we can see the wide point of view on Kanmon Strait, and so on with an edge of 360 degrees. On the 29th floor there is a bistro, and on the 28th floor there is an “Asylum of good relations” which is furthermore seen as the “blessed dating spot of the valued”. This spot is the best spot for dating.

The Bridge Tower

Address: Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki, Buzenda-cho 3-3-1

Phone: + 81-83-231-5877

Opening occasions: 9:30-21:30 (an hour back of 21:00)

Close: None

Assertion ticket: 600 yen, ELEMENTARY and center school understudies 300 yen, preschool kids free

“Karato Ichiba”

Karato Ichiba called “Kanmon Kitchen” is a markdown exhibit where buyers can buy direct fish got and created by close by fishermen. On Fridays, Saturdays and open events, the event is assigned “Ikiiki-Bakangai”, trailed by around 20 shops. The shops sell sushi, a bowl of rice with side dishes, and so on delivered utilizing fresh fish at an unobtrusive expense.

Karato Ichiba

Address: 5-50 Karato-cho, Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Phone: + 81-83-231-0001

Opening occasions: Ikiiki-Bakangai Friday and Saturday 10:00-15:00, Sunday and National event 8:00 until wrapping up

Close days: Not generally

“Hotel Nishinagato Resort” sea

Hotel Nishinagato Resort is a retreat motel sitting above Hibikinada. Two outside showers arranged on the deck with sees dismissing the sea can moreover be used by guests who are not remaining.

If you eat in the restaurant inside the cabin, you can get a 50 percent markdown to welcome the regular springs that are there. Likewise, there is furthermore a lunch alcove with Tsunoshima interface see. Anyone can loosen up in this spot to no end at 7.30 until 19.00.

Motel Nishinagato Resort

Address: Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki, Hohoku-cho 2045

Phone: + 81-83-786-2111

Opening occasions: Hot spring 13.00 to 19.00, Sundays and National Holidays 12.00 to 19.00

Close: None

Path ticket: Junior auxiliary school understudies up to 1,000 yen, 4 years old or progressively 500 yen, 3 years old and under free

“Tsunoshima Terrace”

The bistro is arranged close Tsunoshima Lighthouse. At “Tsunoshima Terrace”, visitors can value the sunset points of view on the Japanese sea during the time on a brilliant day.

Tsunoshima Terrace food
Tsunoshima Terrace food

In this diner we can value an arrangement of menus, for instance, locally built pizza made free from any other individual from the noodles, Ganganyaki (fish cooked in fishermen) which is an extreme sustenance of fishermen, sweet cakes, and so forth. The photo above is “Tsumirejirutsuki no Uni Awabi Don (ricebowl with sea urchin beating, abalon shell gave fish ball soup)” for 2,300 yen.

“Tsunoshima Terrace”

Address: Yamaguchi, Kyoto, Hohoku, Tsunoshima, Tanoshiri 2899-1

Phone: + 81-83-786-1410

Opening occasions: 10:00 to nightfall

Close days: Not generally

“Shimonoseki City Aquarium Kaikyokan”

In this aquarium, there is the greatest lake in Japan to watch the penguins that swim eagerly like flying submerged. We can in like manner watch various attractions, for instance, the “Water Theater” remembering dolphins and sea lions for facilitated exertion. Not simply that, don’t miss the “Night Aquarium” limited event with the dazzling air held here.

“Shimonoseki City Aquarium Kaikyokan”

Address: Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki, Arukaport 6-1

Phone: + 81-83-228-1100

Opening occasions: 9:30-17:30 (an hour prior of 17:00)

Close: None

Confirmation: Adults 2,000 yen, ELEMENTARY School understudies and 900 yen, kids developed 3 years or progressively 400 yen, kids 2 years old and underneath are free

“Shimonoseki Manjuso”

At the Inn of Shimonoseki Manjuso, we can value the full point of view on the Kanmon Strait. Legitimately before the eyes, the point of view on Kanmon Strait is wide, so we can contribute a releasing up vitality looking vessels that movement all over.

Special information

This spot isn’t prestigious for its use, yet moreover the lunch menu that usages intermittent fixings conveyed by nearby individuals and common springs can be had a great time without a remain.


Address: Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki, Mimosusokawa-cho 3-75

Phone: + 81-83-222-1126

Opening occasions: Restaurant 11:30-14:00 (LO13:30), no-stay normal spring 9:00-22:00 (last affirmation 21:00), Tuesday and Wednesday 13:00-22:00

Close: None

Certification Fee: Hot spring cost 610 yen, etc.